Road Map

Feb 2024: StarMech Adventure Event

Join us as we embark on an exciting journey together, exploring the depths of the StarMech universe and testing the groundbreaking Stavax Layer2 technology.

Dive into the world of StarMech and be part of our exclusive squad! Engage with fellow fans, share your excitement, and participate in thrilling activities to earn special rewards.

March 2024: STA- Key Sale

The STA-Key Sale event offers unlimited STA-Key purchases per wallet, allowing buyers to acquire as many as they desire without any limitations. This means that users have the freedom to buy any quantity of STA-Key on sale, providing them with flexibility and the opportunity to invest according to their preferences and strategies.

March 2024: Stavax Testnest Launch

The launch of the Stavax Network Testnet marks a significant milestone in the development and testing phase of the Stavax blockchain protocol. A testnet is a vital tool for developers to experiment with new features, identify and fix bugs, and gauge the network's performance in a simulated environment before deploying it on the mainnet.

During the Stavax Network Testnet launch, developers, validators, and enthusiasts can participate in testing the functionality, security, and scalability of the Stavax blockchain. This phase allows for rigorous testing of various aspects of the network, including consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, transaction processing, and interoperability with other blockchain networks.

Participants in the Testnet launch can contribute by deploying nodes, running validators, interacting with smart contracts, and providing feedback on their experience. This collaborative effort helps ensure that the Stavax network is robust, reliable, and ready for production use when it eventually transitions to the mainnet.

March 2024: STA-Node Launch

STA-Key will soon be purchasable, allowing anyone to run a STA-Node and contribute to network security. First, these nodes will function on the testnet, where they will collect $ndSTA tokens. Upon the mainnet's launch, the nodes will effortlessly transition, ensuring full compatibility for all $ndSTA tokens and redeem it to $STA.

March 2024: Mainnet Launch

The Stavax Network Mainnet Launch represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Stavax blockchain protocol, marking its official transition from a test environment to a fully operational and decentralized network

During the Mainnet Launch, the Stavax blockchain becomes publicly accessible, allowing users, developers, and businesses to deploy applications, execute transactions, and interact with smart contracts in a production-ready environment. This launch signifies that the network has undergone thorough testing, security audits, and performance optimizations to ensure its stability, reliability, and security.

The debut of the network's first game, StarMech, alongside the Stavax Network Mainnet Launch, adds an exciting dimension to the ecosystem. The StarMech emergence on the Stavax network not only highlights the technological capabilities of the blockchain but also demonstrates its potential to revolutionize the ERC-404 gaming industry.

March 2024: $STA Redemptions

Users will be able to redeem their $ndSTA tokens for $STA tokens as part of the redemption process.

It's essential to follow the redemption instructions provided by the project or platform to ensure a smooth and successful conversion of their $ndSTA tokens to $STA tokens.

March 2024: STARMECH Game Release

Quarter 1 2024

  • Release the BETA version of StarMech on Google Play Store

  • Deploy In-app purchase and In-app ads system

  • Build Kickstarter campaigns & launch plan

Quarter 2 2024

  • Release the official version of StarMech on Google Play Store (Stavax Network)

  • Release NFT arts & NFT equipment package 1

  • Open StarMech Play & Earn Tournament

Quarter 3 2024

  • Release $MECH staking features

  • Release StarMech Defi gamification feature

  • Release StarMech character arts & NFTs equipment package 2

  • Release Idling features for the StarMech mobile game

Quarter 4 2024

  • Multichain expansion

  • Release StarMech character arts & NFT equipment package 3

Q2/2024: Staking $ndSTA

In return, users will receive rewards in the form of additional $ndSTA tokens or other incentives.

Q2/2024: TGE

The $STA Token Generation Event (TGE) is scheduled to be listed on either a Centralized Exchange (CEX) or a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). However, it's essential to note that this date is TBC as it depends on a third-party exchange for listing, which is beyond the direct control of the Stavax Foundation.

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