Forecasted Release and Burning

In the Stavax ecosystem, gas fees are settled and consumed within StaMech through a burning mechanism.

The daily issuance of $ndSTA by STA-Nodes is intricately tied to the combined current total supply of $STA and $ndSTA. As Stavax is incinerated as gas within the ecosystem, its total supply decreases.

Similarly, the total supply of $ndSTA diminishes as $ndSTA is burned during the redemption process based on user inputs.

Once the total supply reaches approximately half of the maximum total supply, daily emissions begin to decrease. The reduction continues each time the total supply increases by half of the previous threshold value.

Simultaneously, the dynamic halving introduces constraints on the overall supply by exerting negative pressure on circulating token quantities.

The Maximum Total Supply of $STA and $ndSTA combined amounts to 200,000 tokens. The fundamental Release Tranches are outlined as follows:

…etc. This pattern continues forever.

85% of $ndSTA emissions are dedicated to supporting the crucial operations of STA-Nodes, contributing to the network's integrity and stability. The remaining 15% is designated for a gas subsidy node, aimed at facilitating a gasless experience for players. This allocation reduces friction on the chain and is expected to boost transaction volume by enhancing user experience.

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