Convert $ndSTA to $STA and claim $ndSTA to balance

The converting process to claim $ndSTA to your balance includes an unlock period, the duration of which the user selects. The conversion ratio will increase proportionally with the converting duration:

  • a 15-day duration results in a 1:0.25 ratio (25%)

  • a 90-day duration results in a 1:0.625 ratio (62.5%)

  • a 180-day duration results in a 1:1 ratio (100%)

If the chosen converting duration is shorter than the maximum (ratio < 1:1), the penalty amount of $ndSTA is eliminated through burning.

$ndSTA can be converted to $STA at a 1:1 ratio.

Users can cancel their $ndSTA converting process at any moment without any restrictions.

If a converting process is canceled before completion, the entire process will be nullified. Users will be returned their full amount of $ndSTA token without any $STA.

The Stavax Foundation may retain a part of the $ndSTA burned, with the amount being able to reach half of that, to bolster the network's functioning. This is a great initiative taken by the Stavax Foundation to ensure that the network continues to function at its best. We’re not only promoting sustainability but also supporting the growth of Stavax network.

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