STA-Node Referral Program

STA-Node commanders can refer other people to become STA-Node commanders and earn referral commissions.

1. Terms

Promoter: Users successfully creating a referral link or referral code are recognized as promoters.

Referee: Users purchasing STA-Key successfully through a promoter's referral link or code are recognized as referees.

Dashboard: A dedicated space for promoters to monitor their Referral Program results, including the number of referees with their account IDs, referee transaction history, and the commission received by the promoter.

2. Referral Program

The promoter creates a referral link or code within the referral dashboard in the STA-Node Client application and shares it with potential referees (referral code can be customized). Promoters can create referral codes and customize them with their partner's name ID.

Referee successfully purchase STA-Keys through the referral link, verify their account, initiate STA-Node operation at least once, and engage with Stavax Network's social channels (Telegram, Discord, Twitter) by linking, sharing, and pinning posts.

Referees start running STA-Nodes to receive rewards in $ndSTA tokens.

3. Commission

Promoter Commission: Promoters receive a 5% commission (after discount) on the total value of STA-Key purchased by their referees for the Stavax Network.

For KOLs, Community admins and Media partners, as Promoters, they can receive flexible commission rate based on their community effects. Contact our team on Discord to discuss about this:

Referee Commission: Referees, upon successfully purchasing STA-Key, initiate STA-Node operation using the purchased key to earn rewards in $ndSTA tokens.

Referees' special benefit: Referees receive 5% discount on the STA-node price when applying a referral code.

Commission Claim Schedule: Promoters can claim their commission twice a month with no fees (free fee claim).

Optional Claim: Promoters have the flexibility to claim their commission at any time, but each claim incurs a fee based on the gas fee of the blockchain network at that moment.

4. How To Get The Referral Code?

If you’re a Promoter, access and connect MetaMask wallet, your referral link & referral code will be auto-generated & displayed there.

Or after downloading the STA-Node Client application, you can find your referral link and referral code in the Referral Program Dashboard.

If you're a Referee, you can get the referral code from your friends or find it in our community channels such as Discord, Twitter, Telegram group discussions, or other social platforms, where many people openly share their referral codes.

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