VII. StarMech Adventure

Introduction to the StarMech Adventure

StarMech is set to establish the new era of ERC404 gaming on Avalanche. Utilizing the cutting-edge Avalanche Technology from Stavax subnet, StarMech is poised to reshape the gaming sector. Engage with our community, vie against top players, and become a key player in the transformative Frontier Gladiators.

Phase 1: StarMech OGs

Complete your Daily Quests on Zealy to level up your XP and secure your position on the leaderboard. Achieve a high rank to earn token rewards from StarMech. Don't miss out on this opportunity to boost your earnings and progress in the game! 🌟

🤩 🥳 ZEALY:

  1. Welcome to StarMech spaceship

  1. Departuring:

  1. Rocket to the Universe: Coming soon

Phase 2: StarMech Gladiators

We're extending the airdrop exclusively for our beloved Avaxholics community! Tasks may include:

  • Follow StarMech Twitter

  • Follow Stavax Twitter

  • Retweet

  • Join StarMech Discord

  • Subscribe StarMech TG channel

  • Join StarMech TG group

  • Follow Stavax on Bites

  • Spread the word

  • Connect Wallet, Add mang Stavax Testnet

  • Check Eligible

🎉 Stay tuned for more details on this exciting opportunity, designed solely for our loyal members!

Phase 3: STA-Node

The STA-Node purchasing not only positions you to receive attractive rewards but also opens the door to a suite of additional benefits. By becoming part of the STA-Node community, you gain access to enhanced features and exclusive opportunities tailored to actively support and grow your portfolio.

Phase 4: Game Launching (coming soon)

To celebrate StarMech Gaming's official launch, a grand event will take place in the future. Fans from around the world are invited to participate in various activities and win prizes, including limited-edition merchandise and early access to upcoming releases. This launch is not just a celebration of StarMech's entry into the gaming industry but also an appreciation of the gaming community's passion and support.

Phase 5: NFT Minting (coming soon)

By diversifying your NFT portfolio within the StarMech protocol, you unlock a multitude of benefits exclusive to our ecosystem. These tokens are not merely collectibles but serve as access keys to various experiences and utilities across our gaming platform. Holders can enjoy customized avatars, in-game assets, and even govern aspects of the game's development, fostering a sense of community and ownership seldom found elsewhere.

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