Stavax Omnichain Introduction

Fusing SocialFi with GameFi for Next-Gen Evolution

Stavax is the first omnichain powered by Avalanche, innovatively combines SocialFi, web2 gaming, and web3 gaming with LayerZero. With a unique ID account, users can access various projects within Stavax's vibrant ecosystem as well as even projects on other chains and networks, experiencing seamless integration to applications, NFTs and tokens without any barriers.

Built by StarMech core team | Powered by Avalanche & LayerZero

We do not build a subnet, we build the subnet future - SocialFi and Gaming Omnichain for a new era!

Stavax empowers SocialFi and GameFi projects with rapid and superior technology solutions.

  • Omnichain access

  • Multi-token access

  • Multi-application access

  • High security

  • Lightning speed

  • Cost saving

  • Flexible gas fee

  • User-friendly SDK

  • Advanced configuration and settings

  • Sustainable scalability

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