Campaign Modes

In campaign mode or PVE, players take control of one among 4 default characters (Heroes) and clear the planet by defeating all the enemies appearing on this planet.

The players can equip these items to improve their power:

  • Weapon

  • Gear: Armor, Boots, Backpack, Helmet, Gloves

How to play

The hero can move left and right or jump on the game

The mission of the players is to wipe out all the monsters on each map attached to other missions belonging to different times.

Players can get materials to upgrade characters. In case you lost HP while playing, it is not able to reset in the next map.

  • It's possible to recover energy externally by utilizing the HP potion.

  • Hero, if destroyed, will have to wait to revise to continue playing or use revival items without waiting.

Win/Lose Conditions

WIN: When the player destroys all monsters in the screen time. When the character survives to the specified point on the game screen or after a specified amount of time.

LOSE: When the character's HP is reduced to 0, the character dies and the player is counted as losing that level. When the time has expired and the player has not destroyed all the monsters on the stage or has not reached the specified destination.

The planets

Campaign mode includes 4, each has 10 missions. The player must clear all missions by killing the boss on every planet. Each planet has 2 levels with a boss (missions 5 & 10). Every planet has its concept art, style belongs to the element.


There will be 5-6 enemies which are designed as the concept art of the planet.

Each planet includes 10 maps. Each map appears with 3-4 usual enemies. Map 5 has 1 Mini-boss and Map 10 will have 1 Big boss.

Reward Mechanism

First-time Clearing: Each mission has a reward when the user finishes it for the first time (rewards are based on the number of stars achieved).

Replay Bonus Rewards: For each mission after clearing the map reward will change to the replay reward, the value is lower than the first time ar. The number of replays allowed: 5 times/mission/day.

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