Play to Earn mode

Play to Earn mode includes 3 types of battle: Single PVP, Battle Royale, and Arena.

Single PVP

  • Type: 2D platform shooting action in real-time

  • Mechanism: Users establish a squad with 3 heroes (NFT) to join the PVP in the form of finding real-time opponents

  • Win/Lose condition: Each user when participating in the PVP will take turns to control 01 Hero to fight solo with 1 Hero of the opponent, the hero defeated first will immediately be replaced by the next Hero still alive in the queue. The user that dies all 3 heroes first counts as lost

  • Time of 1 PVP match: no more than 3 minutes

Battle Royal

  • Type: 2D platform shooting in the real-time, battle royale.

  • Participants: 10 (1 battle with 9)

  • Mechanism: Each user uses 1 hero selected before joining the PVP Battle Royal mode to fight with 9 other players on 1 random map.

  • Win/Lose condition: You win when the hero you control is the last surviving hero on the map. You lose when the HP of the character you control is reduced to 0 due to being killed by the enemy or being trapped and dying.


  • Type: 2D platform shooting, auto battle.

  • Participants: 2 players (1vs1)

  • Mechanism: Each user uses up to 3 heroes (maybe 1 or 2) to enter the arena and the heroes will automatically fight other players' heroes

  • Win/Lose condition: The user wins when the hero he owns survives and destroys all enemy heroes. The user loses when all of the user's Heroes are destroyed and the opposing hero is still alive.

  • Rank Mechanism: Golden, Silver, and Bronze. The newbies will onboard with Bronze rank, and after winning will be added points, and losing will be subtracted.

  • Each rank will cost a different number of tickets to play: 1 ticket for Bronze rank, 2 tickets for Silver rank, and 3 tickets for Golden rank.

  • Users with high scores and rank in the top 10 will battle in the higher leaderboard next season. Similar to the top 10 at the end will be relegated.

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