Compete for supremacy on the Leaderboard, showcasing Total Power, Best Hero, and Coin Collected Rewards.

StarMech Beta Event: Arena Mode Features & Leaderboard

The top 20 players in the Arena mode during StarMech’s Beta Test will be bestowed with special rewards:

Weekly Prize Pool: $1,000 in $MECH tokens

  • Top 1 - 5: 100 $MECH tokens

  • Top 6 - 10: 60 $MECH tokens

  • Top 11 - 20: 20 $MECH tokens

Weekly Resets and Ranking Rules

To keep the competition fierce and the leaderboard dynamic, Arena rankings for each season will undergo a weekly reset at 3:40 AM UTC every Saturday. This ensures that every week brings fresh opportunities for contenders to ascend the ranks and stake their claim to glory.

As for the ranking system, victories and defeats alike contribute to your standing on the leaderboard. Each win earns players 25 cups (points), while a game over grants 01 cup.

The rankings themselves are calculated based on each player’s total accumulated points. And here's where it gets even more thrilling: at the end of the season, the top 20% of player will ascend to a higher rank, while the bottom 20% will be relegated to a lower rank.

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